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Specialist Insurance

Private Medical Cover

Once You've Gone Private, You'll Never Go Back...

Zero Waiting Times, Immediate Access To Leading Specialists/Doctors And Your Own Private En-Suite Room

Earlier this year, it was reported that the NHS have the longest waiting periods in seven years - with the average treatment within 18 weeks of referral.

Now, you tell me, if you're in a position where you need treatment or are having discomfort - do you really want to wait over four months to be treated?

I didn't think so.

With private medical insurance, by paying a small monthly fee, you can ensure that you'll always be within a stone throw away from your own private medical treatment.

No waiting in queues, or stuck in a hospital ward surrounded by screaming children - you'll be in private hospital with your own en-suite hospital room - with immediate access to specialists and doctors.

You won't be waiting around, treated like "another patient" or be reliant on the future of the NHS.

Instead, you'll be treated like a client, with all your fees covered by your insurance policy.

When we're determining your policy, we'll take factors into considering like where you are living, where you're likely to travel and whether you have any pre-existing conditions. We can even include benefits such as dental care.

Your policy will be tailored to you to ensure that regardless of where you go or whatever happens to you, you'll be taken care of quickly, efficiently and in comfortable surroundings.

You can either have private medical insurance as an individual or an employer, and with the rising costs of medical care continues, you'll be able to secure significant premium discounts through our long standing relationships with industry-leading providers.

If you're now sat on the "should I, shouldn't I" fence and need help to decide if it's the right decision for you and your family...

Then I'd like to invite you to speak to one of our medical insurance experts to ask questions, pick their brains and come to your own decision of whether or not this is right for you.

The call is completely free and can be as short or as long as you wish.

We promise that there's no hidden sales pitch or the call will not be awkward or "salesy" at any point.

It will simply help you decide whether this is right for you, or not.

Simply hit the button on the Homepage and we'll be in touch to arrange your "free consultation".

Marine/Classic Car Insurance

The only Insurance Broker that understands Sentimental value

Tailored-Crafted Policies for your Pride & Joy, regardless of What That Is

I don't really have to persuade you to insure this, do I?

It's your pride and joy; it gets a weekly polish and is often the centre of the conversation.

The thought of it getting the slightest of scratches brings tears to the eyes... anything worse than that is unthinkable.

Don't worry; we get it (even if your friends and family think you're crazy).

Whether it's a small pleasure boat, ocean yacht or cruiser - we cover your boat and all equipment - we can even provide third party cover and personal accident cover.

If it's a classic car or particular special car that you need covering, we can help you. With our connections at Lloyds of London, we are able to provide insurance quotes for all high value motors.

In the past twelve months, we've helped a range of clients from a biofuel cargo being transported by ship to a Bugatti Veyron.

Regardless, we'll have you covered and we'll understand your complete love for your pride & joy.

But we'll even go one step further...

We love insuring unusual or high value items - so we'd really love to help you.

That's why I want to ensure you completely understand how the policy works before you set one up.

So, here's what I'm going to do...

I'd like to invite you to book a no-obligation free private consultation with one of our experts.

On the call, you'll be able to ask those burning questions, make sure that you'd be covered for anything/everything and decide if we're the people you can trust to protect your "baby."

Simply hit the button on the Homepage and we'll be in touch to organise your "free consultation".

Contact us now by completing the call me back tab, ringing Tel: +34 951 319 727 or email




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