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Personal Insurance

We provide a full range of personal insurances for individuals living in the UK and the Iberian Peninsula. These include:

Life Assurance & Critical Illness

What Would Happen To Those That Rely On You If You Weren't There To Be Relied Upon?

How A Simple Decision Today Will Have Your Loved Ones Thanking You In Years To Come.

Illness and death aren't particularly nice subjects to speak about.

In fact, we do what we can to put the topic out of mind.

But eventually, our time will come - whether that's a critical illness (heart attack, cancer or stroke) or passing away.

Hypothetically, if you were on the receiving end of an illness or death in the near future, would the people you love and care for be prepared?

Now, your family heavily rely on you, don't they?

You're the glue that holds the family together, you make the decisions and you take the responsibility - so the thought of them being alone and without you, must make you feel uncomfortable.

I'm sure your biggest worry though - if anything was to happen to you - is the finance.

Would you leave your grieving loved ones to deal with the stress of inheritance tax or succession tax?

Well there's one way to fix this this, and that's by taking out a simple Life Insurance policy.

Now, I know life insurance feels excessive, as we all feel invincible at times.

But the number of families that I've had to help who weren't prepared for ill-timed deaths makes me realise day in, day out just how finite life is.

Taking our insurance is such a simple, effortless step that you can make to give your family security and take one less stress from your mind.

Your policy can work in a number f ways; it can either be just for you or a joint basis. It can cover a specified sum or a decreasing sum (which is normally used to cover the reducing liability from a mortgage or loan, even a gift to potentially reduce IHT liability).

But most importantly, you'll have peace of mind knowing that if you were to ever pass, your family would receive an immediate payment so that they're left in a financialy safe position.

Here at Fiduciary Wealth, we're the leading providers of Insurance advice for British Expatriates and are affiliated to Gibraltar's oldest legal practice, founded in 1892

Our client's range from retired British expats who want a long happy retirement with complete peace of mind to working Brits that want some relief from the stresses of "what ifs."

If you're now sat thinking "I should really take a policy out" - then I'd like to make your decision much easier.

We've put a free download together called the 'Life Insurance Guide'. Click the button at the top of the Homepage to Request your Free Copy.

Inside, we explain exactly how it works, how you can protect your family and how you can ensure that if anything were to happen to you, your family would be financially secure.

We even dive into such topics as:

  • How you can get a complete tax free payment in the event of a death
  • How you can get a quick lump sum payment to pay off your mortgage
  • How your policy can effortlessly pay your UK inheritance tax and your Spanish succession tax.

It's really easy - click the request button for a free private consultation at the top of the Homepage and we'll instantly get in touch to arrange your free private consultation.

Simply complete that form and we'll speak soon.

Income Protection

If You Didn't Earn Another Penny From Now On, How Long Would You Survive For?

How To Protect Your Livelihood And Ensure That You And Your Family Will Always Have A Guaranteed Income, Regardless Of Where Life Takes You.

Imagine what would happen if your income stopped but your outgoings continued.

The bills just kept rolling in with no funds to fuel them.

How would that affect your lifestyle, your happiness and your loved ones?

Well, we're all much closer to that reality than we realise. An accident, illness or injury is all it takes to dump you without an income, leaving your family in a position of stress/upset.

But there's a really simple fix...

Income protection cover is designed to give you and your loved ones a helping hand when unforeseen circumstances arise.

So, if something happens to you that means that you cannot work, regardless of whether it's a short period of time or life-long. You'll have complete peace of mind knowing that you can expect up to 65% of your gross salary covered.

Your premium will be calculated based on your occupation, and we'll look at your regular outgoings - ensuring you have a comfortable living wage that would keep your finances afloat.

Once you have your own policy, we'll then review on a regular basis. This will ensure that we can tweak your policy and make sure you and your family are in the safest position, enabling your survivors or beneficiaries to enjoy the lifestyle you intended for them.

Income protection is really simple to set up; it's a tiny investment today for something that you could potentially rely upon in your time of need.

You have three options right now.

1) You could click the little 'X' at the top of your screen and close this window, leaving you and your family in the unpredictable situation of not being protected if you're involved in one of the thousands of faultless accidents that happen every day.

2) You could give us a call right now on Tel: +34 951 319 727 to ask your questions and get started with your own policy, ensuring that your loved ones are safe and you can live knowing that you'll be financially secure.

3) You could get your hands on a completely free download called the 'Life Insurance Guide' - which will explain the various insurance options that are open to you and your family, explaining exactly how they work.

If you want to get your hands on this free guide, all you have to do is complete the form and you'll instantly receive your report.

You'll also get a completely free private consultation with a regulated and authorised Financial Adviser (worth £500).

If I were you, my decision would be easy.

We often help countless people that have been in accidents (that were in most cases no fault of their own) but didn't have income protection - it's not worth the risk.

You'll thank yourself in the future if you make the right decision today.

Household Insurance

Sometimes Your Home Just Needs That Little Extra Protection

Protect Your Castle And Your Belongings Effortlessly, Whether It's In The UK Or Abroad

Remember when Richard Branson's Necker Island home burnt down in 2011?

Rumour had it, that he didn't have household insurance.

Which must have been a real kick in the teeth for Sir Richard...

So you can imagine how painful it would be for somebody that wasn't in such a fortunate financial position.

Your home is your castle - regardless of whether that's in the UK or abroad.

It's your place of relaxation, rest and family time. The result of all the hard work... so, it's only logical that it's protected in the event of damage, theft or accidents.

We have a range of policies, from simple building insurance through to contents insurance (even making sure that your big fancy TV is always covered!).

We can even cover your holiday home and it's possessions, so when you're in a different country - you can have peace of mind that you're property is in safe hands.

Having your property(s) covered, ensures that you can stay relaxed when the grandkids are running riot, happily jet-set from one country to another and sleep easier knowing that all your belongings and buildings are in our expert hands if anything was to happen.

Home insurance is a complicated subject; the number of different policies, covers and protection are countless.

That's why I'd like to give you something for free.

I would like to invite you to have a "completely free consultation worth £500" with one of our expert home insurance specialists.

We'll be able to help you understand which policy would be right for you, how you can ensure that you cover sentimental objects and which level of cover will give you complete peace of mind.

It will make your job of deciding which policy works for you, so much easier.

Simply hit the button on the Homepage and we'll be in touch to arrange a timeslot that works for both of us.

Now, I know what you're thinking, this call is going to be an awkward hidden sales pitch or we're going to hard-sell. Well that's not the case.

I completely promise you, that we're simply going to offer you help and answer your questions, if our goodwill persuades you to acquire a quote, then so be it - if not, then that's completely fine.

All you have to do is complete the form to get started.

Contact us now by completing the call me back tab, ringing Tel: +34 951 319 727 or email




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